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A long tradition since 1950, and a love for what Italians call the “Arte Bianca.” The years go by, but attention to fine flavour always stays the same.

Our products are the result of our painstaking quest for quality: the extra-long leavening (minimum: 72 hours), the stone-ground, unrefined organic flours, sourdough starter, fresh vegetables right from the garden, and selected ingredients make our products good and healthy – plain and simple!

This is Elettroforno Frontoni, a project that brings together traditional flavour and the new experiments being tried out by Rome’s master bakers.

Tradition and innovation come together for unique products like bread and pizza.


+39 06 4561 9534

Getting Here

Via Ostiense 387
00145 Rome


Mon - Sat 10:00 - 22:00

Sunday CLOSE


Our products

are the result of our painstaking quest for quality

Gourmet bread and pizza

No less than 72 hours of leavening

Fresh vegetables every day

Stone-ground organic flours

Sourdough starter

Only extra-virgin olive oil

Our products

At Elettroforno Frontoni, in addition to the establishment’s forte – pizza – you can find organically baked bread, tasty fried food, and “dangerous” desserts (not recommended for those who can’t resist :D). 
Bread is baked strictly fresh daily, and is the result of 24 hours of natural leavening with combinations of organic flours; in addition to durum and semi-whole wheat bread which you can find every day Monday through Saturday, the workshop also produces the following:

  • Monday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Walnuts - 5 Cereals**
  • Tuesday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Taggiasca olives
  • Wednesday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Walnuts - 5 Cereals**
  • Thursday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Taggiasca olives
  • Friday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Walnuts
  • Saturday: Semi-whole wheat bread * with Walnuts - Semi-whole wheat bread * with Taggiasca olives - 5 Cereals** - Fruit bread*** - Sorrento Bread ****

* Semi-whole wheat bread: type "0" and "2" Soft Wheat.
** 5 cereals: re-milled Durum Wheat, type "0" Soft Wheat, whole Spelt Flour, Khorasan wheat and Whole Rye Flour.
*** Fruit bread: type "0" and "2" Soft Wheat, Raisins, and Nuts.
**** Sorrento bread: type "0" and "2" Soft Wheat, Dried fruit (Cranberry, Apricot, Dates, Raisins, and Walnuts).

Our Menu

"pizza, fried foods, and beverages directly to your home"

Ordering in or taking out Elettroforno Frontoni pizza is always an excellent idea: extra-long leavening (minimum 72 hours), dough made with strictly organic and stone-ground type "2" soft wheat flour and whole spelt flour, fresh vegetables every day right from the San Paolo neighbourhood market, and top-quality ingredients for one of Rome’s best pizzas.


Classic Pizza

Special Pizza



Beverages & Beers

Getting Here

Via Ostiense 387
00145 Rome

+39 06 4561 9534

Public Transportation

Metro B - Basilica di San Paolo
4 minutes on foot, on via Ostiense.

Elettroforno meets.. APULIA!

Elettroforno meets.. APULIA!

17-05-2018 | evento

Finally arrives at the Elettroforno Frontoni, the first event that rediscovers the regional  0

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“Un Mare di Birra… Sul Prato” (translated

“Un Mare di Birra… Sul Prato” (translated "A Sea of ​​Beer ... On the Meadow")

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And THREE passed!

And THREE passed!

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EurHop 2017 RomaBeerFestival..we will be there!

EurHop 2017 RomaBeerFestival..we will be there!

06-10-2017 | evento

On October 6, 7 and 8, the Fifth Edition of EurHop will be on stage! Rome Beer Festival - The  0

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Courses are held in the mornings. In particular:
- The bread baking course lasts 4h/day, Monday to Saturday, from 6 to 10 AM... We’re sorry about the early hour, but that’s the baker’s life! :)
- The pizza itinerary always lasts 4h/daym Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM (morning).
The bread and pizza itineraries may be combined for a discount. The maximum savings over the duration of the courses is for 3 weeks and up.
The course in the field teaches all the secrets for baking different types of bread (durum wheat, semi-whole wheat bread, five cereals, special breads) and/or gourmet pizza (we boast more than 50 different recipes).
Our course is extremely practical and includes working directly alongside our master baker, who will illustrate in depth the techniques for leavening with organic flours and sourdough starter. These extra-long leavening techniques, an extreme rarity in the local territory (Rome has no more than three other bakeries that use them – none in the southern Rome area), have recently earned us rave reviews on the Gambero Rosso channel and a place on Alice Masterchef’s list of Italy’s best pizzerias (plus numerous articles on the Internet).
We’re certain that this important itinerary, when combined with your own commitment and desire to learn, will be a terrific calling card for undertaking this profession with great results, or even just for cultivating your love for what Italians call the “Arte Bianca.”


«Fragrant and digestible»

I tried Elettroforno’s gourmet pizzas on the occasion of the Feast of St. Patrick, and was struck by the beautiful variety of colours and by the quality of the ingredients. A light dough for a fragrant and digestible pizza, made unique by spot-on combinations! I recommend the pizza with a broccoli, olive, and pine nut pesto... and the sesame pizza can’t be beat – it is to be devoured...

Malo I


«Extraordinary pizza!»

Truly excellent pizza, and the bread, too!!! A sure thing!!! The white sesame pizza is a must!!!

Emanuela Z


«Five Stars»

Excellent pizzas, unique ideas, highly digestible, and therefore top quality. I have complete faith in the professionalism of the super-polite and friendly people who work there, and the results are EXCELLENT!! Keep it coming!

Benedetta S


«Quality Pizza»

This establishment’s approach means sitting down and waiting for marvellous pizzas to come out of the oven, one after the other. They will astound you with their high-quality ingredients and by the combination of flavours and colours. Their rice croquettes are also excellent... I particularly liked the one with artichokes! My compliments!!!



«Excellent pizza by the slice»

A clean and modern establishment for a quick meal. The pizza by the slice is excellent. There is no lack of a variety of "experiments," from pizza with sesame seeds to pizza with garlic and parsley. They’re all excellent. The bakery also makes bread, so you can take home some of the care these people put into their work. Good job!



«Truly exceptional!»

Quality you can taste! I have yet to find anything as good in Rome! Don’t miss the white pizza with daughters devoured it! :)

Christian d


Our Customers

piano B - <p>Via Tiberio Imperatore, 85, 00145</p>
Stavio - Via Antonio Pacinotti, 83, 00146 Roma RM
Fao - viale Terme di Caracalla, 00153
Verde Pistacchio - <p> Via Ostiense, 181, 00154</p>

Our Suppliers

Mancinelli - Strada Poggino 85/91, 01100 Viterbo
Il Norcino Bernabei - Corso Vittoria Colonna, 13, 00047 Marino (RM)
Pomilia - Via Croce Malloni 41, 84015  NOCERA SUPERIORE (SA)
Antico Molino Rosso - Via Bovolino 1, 37060 Buttapietra (VR)
Sabelli - Basso Marino 63100 Ascoli Piceno